Sunday, July 29, 2007

Peel Session: AC Acoustics (2002)

AC Acoustics are probably one of the most forgotten bands of the late 90s, I seldom ever hear mention of them and yet at the time it seemed like it was only inevitable that they would sooner or later be massive. Well as massive as you could get for an indie rock band in 1997 (this is a time long before Snow Patrol folks). I'm talking BIS MASSIVE HERE. Yeah, think on.

To be honest, although their wikipedia page claims them as still being about, they haven't released anything for quite a while and i've personally not heard about any gigs. The band formed aaaall the way back in 1990 in Glasgow, mixing elements of the Mary Chain, dashes of American indie rock and everything else you'd expect from the best Scotch based indie bands. Their rise was very slow, until they started getting some better support slots, but still it took them until 1993 to release a single. Only a year after that though their debut album came out and was somewhat of a corker. Great word corker, and underused. The requisite Peel sessions, further singles and then festive fifty chart positions followed, by sadly despite some tour support slots for Deus, Stereophonics and Embrace the band never really exceeded their small indie band status. Which is no big disappointment really, but perhaps the realisation of this is the reason why after four albums (the last being 2002's O), they seem to have done a runner. The best of those albums (by far) is 1997's Victory Parts, so go seek it out.

The band recorded five sessions for Peel from 1993 to this last session in 2002. Hope you like it, and if so you can go get the albums, you dirty downloader you: Able Treasury (1994), Victory Parts (1997), Understanding Music (2000), and O (2002). Fantastique!

AC Acoustics - 01 A Bell Of Love Rings Out For You (Peel session)
AC Acoustics - 02 Hold (Peel session)
AC Acoustics - 03 Clone Of Al Capone (Peel session)
AC Acoustics - 04 16.04.2010 (Peel session)


Blogger Geno said...

Totally forgot about these guys. Used to love them. Thanks for the reminder!

1:06 am, July 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The band are no longer active and broke up the week before the peel session was aired (JP thanked them "for many years of pleasure") and they went their seperate ways, Paul Campion I believe is a published poet and does the odd thing for scottish tv, dave, caz and mark may be making music but are keeping quiet about it. They suffered from extreme hype early in their career (a lot of it self generated!) and became nearly-rans in the press when indie bands started to break through, but qualitywise their music kept at a more than respectable level of greatness and they were lovely people to boot :)

9:40 am, July 31, 2007  
Anonymous lyle said...

I loved AC Acoustics...
Thanks !

7:17 pm, August 05, 2007  
Blogger Dara said...

Fantastic & thank you. Do you have copies of the other Peel Sessions? Cheers!

8:29 pm, July 14, 2012  

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