Monday, July 30, 2007

Peel Session: Appliance (1998)

Appliance were a three piece post-rock/post-punk band from Exeter. They were active from about 1996 to 2003, for about half of which they toiled for various indies, and for the second half were signed to Mute records. They released three LPs, a number of EPs and a bunch of singles, and although they never surpassed their low-level status, a series of Peel sessions and great live shows meant that their fanbase was fiercely loyal.

These four tracks make up their first session for Peel (the first of five), which was recorded in September 1998 and broadcast the following month. Enjoy.

Appliance - 01 Fast Music (Peel session)
Appliance - 02 Pre Rocket Science (Peel session)
Appliance - 03 Pacifica (Peel session)
Appliance - 04 Throwing A Curve Ball (Peel session)


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