Sunday, August 05, 2007

Peel Session: Bongwater (1990)

Wow! Due to my no doubt sun frazzled brain (yes, it's actually sunny in Britain right now! MIRACLE!), I somehow managed to forget that yesterday's post was my 500th, which is somewhat of a nice landmark really. I'm surprised that i've managed to keep this going long, and obviously I wanna thank all the readers for reading and all the bands and labels for sending me stuff. You all rule. I was planning to do a big post in a 'my favourite songs of all time' fashion for my 500th, but as that's gone past, aaaand my 2 year anniversary has ALSO gone, I think i'll just do it late. So expect that in a few days. I'll also get that darn Neil Young discog series re-started this week. Promise.

Tonight's Peel Session comes from the mostly forgotten Bongwater, a late 80s/early 90s American band who mixed a Space Needle/Yo La Tengo-ish fuzzy psychaedelia style with bursts of Negativland-like spoken word, found sound and montage mania. A two piece made up of semi-obscure film actress Ann Magnuson (probably best known for Desperately Seeking Susan?) and indie-uberlord Mark Kramer of (deep breath) Butthole Surfers, Half Japanese, The Fugs and loads more, plus production for Low (he discovered them! damn!), Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston and maaaany others, they produced four LPs from 1985-1992. Mostly known for wildly altered cover versions of older songs, they also produced some fine self-written material, mostly with a rather silly sense of humour. This was their only Peel session. Enjoy!

Bongwater - 01 You Don't Love Me Yet (Peel Session)
Bongwater - 02 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Peel Session)
Bongwater - 03 The Power of Pussy (Peel Session)
Bongwater - 04 White Car Rental Blues (Peel Session)


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