Monday, October 15, 2007

dEUS - Little Arithmetics

Belgian rockers dEUS have been around for a while now, far longer in fact than i'd really realised. It's in fact been 18 years since they formed in Antwerp in 1989, which is a hell of a long time by anyone's standards. Under the leadership of singer/songwriter/guitarst Tom Barman they toured for a number of years before releasing their debut album Worst Case Scenario on Island in 1994. Since then they've released just three other full length LPs, but the embarrassment of riches those few records have given us are enough to make them semi-legendary in the eyes of their small but dedicated European fanbase. Personally my favourite release of theirs is 1999's The Ideal Crash, the biggest hit from which was the stunning Instant Street, but i'm also quite a fan of their early work, and 2005's Pocket Revolution was a pretty nice comeback too. Little Arithmetics was a single from 1996's In a Bar, Under the Sea, and is provided here along with it's three bsides. Enjoy!

Deus - Little Arithmetics
Deus - The Tugboat
Deus - My Wife Jan
Deus - Everything Is The Same (Except No One Believes Me)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my wife jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dEUS = the only made ever to make me accidentally sing out loud on a crowded bus
x alexei foreigner

12:31 am, October 16, 2007  
Blogger Samir said...

My favourite group of ALL TIME.

another hit on the runout groove.

1:08 pm, October 16, 2007  
Anonymous dom said...

i have a little black book, full of lists of movies, albums, books that at some stage i need. NEED!

filling almost two full pages of said black book is a list of dEUS b-sides, three of which i need to thank you for. so...thanks.

more if you have any. please.

3:59 pm, October 16, 2007  

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