Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leftovers & Rejects - 8th to 14th November 2007

Okay, so I thought that i'd start a new mini feature. Each week i'll do a mini-post with very small reviews of the bands who I was sent stuff by and chose not to put on the blog. Just so those promo folk know that I did actually listen to it. Although they might not like my reasons why I didn't. While i'm at it, i'll add some tiny reviews of other stuff i've listened to but not had time/a reason to post about...

Bloc Party - Flux: Take any song from their last album. Let Eiffel 65 remix it. It'll still be better than this.

Cage The Elephant - Free Love: There's energy there, but also whiffs of funk rock. Overall: uneventful.

Seth Lakeman - Poor Man's Heaven EP: This is why we need Americans to play our folk music.

Cerys Matthws - Awyren=Aeroplane EP: Cerys is off the smack. And off the 'writing hooks' pills too.

Jack Penate - Matinee: Cut price stageschool Costello plays ska, does funny dance.

Radiohead - In Rainbows: Hmm. I've really enjoyed it on both my listens. But then i've only listened to it twice. Hmm.


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