Sunday, October 07, 2007

Peel Session: The Heads (2000)

The Heads (not the David Byrne-less combo of the same name that released an awful album) have been pumping out a suitable fantastic mixture of the sort of music their name suggests (stoner. sludge. rock. psych.) for quite a while now; 17 years in fact, and yet sadly the fame and critical acclaim that has been received by similar exponents of this sort of ball shaking fury (Nebula, Fu Manchu, Boris even) has never really greeted them in the same way. Because they're British. It's true folks, because for some snobbish reason we British rock fans love our Japs and our Yanks, but are sometimes hesitant to embrace the same sort of thing coming from, say, Bristol. Which is mighty sad. Hopefully their inclusion on the bill of this December's forthcoming Nightmare Before Christmas festival along with fellow ear-bleed-inducing luiminaries like Sunn, Om, Oneida aaaand Boris will give a few more people a chance to be blown away by them. They've released about 7 or 8 full lengths now by my reckoning, and are highly recommended. They recorded three sessions for the Peel, the third of which occurred in 2000. Enjoy!

The Heads - 01 False Heavy (Peel session)
The Heads - 02 You Took Me By Surprise (Peel session)
The Heads - 03 Fuego (Peel session)
The Heads - 04 No. 75 (John, Have A Pee) (Peel session)


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