Saturday, October 13, 2007

Peel Session: Melys (2004)

This was the last of the Melys gang's appearances on the Peel show, their eighth in fact, recorded in June 2004, which also makes it one of the last sessions to be recorded for the show, although not their last at the BBC; as they've continued to record new BBC sessions at the Maida Vale studios for other Beeb radio shows. This sesh was recorded between the releases of their Casting Pearls and Life's Too Short LPs, both of which are mighty fine and deserving of your attention should these songs inspire you to seek out some more stuff. Hope everyone's weekend is going well, enjoy.

Melys - 01 Treading Water (Peel session)
Melys - 02 Casino El Camino (Peel session)
Melys - 03 Once Around Again (Peel session)
Melys - 04 Girls On Film (Peel session)


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