Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Idlewiild - Chandelier 7" + goodies

Idlewild eh? Once one of the most exciting bands in Britain, then for a while a genuinely great pop singles band in an REM styley, and then (in a veritable flash), suddenly boring hasbeens. Dammit. Still, when they had it, they really had it, and the run of singles form their first (Queen Of The Troubled Teens) to around the end of the time that they released The Remote Part was pretty much unbeatable. They've got a singles collection out now which for some reason skips over a few early singles in favour of later atrocities, so I thought I'd post one of them for you. This was their second single, and probably the first 7" single I ever bought. I've also provided the bside and a few live tracks, which you may have already downloaded on here as part of the Japanese bootleg a while back, but that i've put back up by request. Enjoy.

Idlewild - Chandelier
Idlewild - I Want To Be A Writer
Idlewild - Self Healer (live)
Idlewild - Captain (live)


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