Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time.Space.Repeat - The End Of The World

Not much time to post tonight i'm afraid, but i'll sate your desire for new music with something rather nice. Time.Space.Repeat are a London based shoegaze/post-rock/whatever you wanna call it rock band. Their new single The End Of The World starts with some charming heavily echoed drums (as if we were hearing a concert from outside the buildnig) before launching into a barrage of pop shoe-gaze guitar (think Siamese Dream, or Ride if you prefer) and a tune that clearly demonstrates a nice knack for anthemic composition and group vocal action. All of those features can also be heard at a bit of a quieter level (SOLUTION: TURN UP YOUR STEREO) on bsdie No Laces. I'm thinking it's still pretty early days for these folks, but little birds tell me that they're pretty crushing live, so hopefully in the future they'll be able to get some of that down on tape, because although what's here is good, sometimes with this sort of highly charged distorted guitar pop it's far too easy to go in Snow Patrol directions rather than Spacemen 3 ones. So good luck to 'em, and if you want more info get your face on their myspace. I'll add that these tracks were actually released as part of the God Is In The TV zine's online singles club, so go take a look at their site as a thank you if you download the songs.

Time.Space.Repeat - The End Of The World
Time.Space.Repeat - No Laces


Blogger Bill said...

Cheers for the link add, mate!I'll link you back.

7:10 pm, October 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

see them live at Trickledown 10
Sat 10 Nov @ Bush Hall

3:37 pm, October 30, 2007  

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