Tuesday, November 06, 2007

101a - Lethe

I was handed these two tracks on a free cd outside of a gig, and considering the fact that most of the times when that happens you end up with utter rubbish, finding out that I was in fact in possession of some poundingly intense rock of the highest order was a pleasant surprise. As the back of the cd informs me, they're a three piece from Tokyo, who respond to the fact that 'What the rock freaks desire is feeling to which the heart is gripped directly'. It may be badly written, but they have a point, and what with bands like Boris, Envy, and people like Keiji Haino getting even more Western press in the last few years, it's clear that (to again quote this sleeve) 'Never overlook Tokyo-under-ground rock which is the most chaotic place inthe world!' Right on. They deal in an amped up riffed up slightly psychish rock style that reminds me more than a little of Mew's relatively recent And the Glass Handed Kites record. Which is a very good thing. Elsewhere there are hints of grungier things (L7 spring to mind). The back of the cd itself says that although words are inadequate, 'noisy crying guitar, voice of sick-angel, provocative electric sound, and crazy dope dope beats' might be a fitting description. I think it works quite well, and if the rest of the record these songs are from (named Lethe, it's their third) is as good, i'd probably love it. More songs on 101a can be found on their website.

101a - Yuki No Sekai
101a - Miranda Lethal Weapon


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