Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Baaaand: Seeping Into Cinemas

Oi oi. I'm back. Bit of a quiet week there, sorry bout that. I was rather tired and busy and at a few gigs (an underwhelming one from Handsome Family, and an excellent night at the ATP Release The Bats night with Liars, Deerhoof, Black Lips, Fuck Buttons and the direly average Deerhunter). Anyway, i'll try to be a better blogger this week. Promise.

Seeping Into Cinemas hail from Dublin, they're a three piece and they have existed for about a year and a half now. Guitarist Barry O'Brien, ex of Betamax Format, is joined by Paul Daly on drums and the excellently monickered Jarlath Cantwell on drums. The demo I received is their first recorded in a studio, and in it's three tracks they produce a mellow blend of hushed indie pop that both reminds me of (instrumentally) Belle & Sebastiany scotch pop and (vocally) a bit of Galaxie 500 or Yo La Tengo, or even maybe a less melodically flighty Elliott Smith at points. It's very early days for this lot I seem to feel, but it's a nice listen and I could imagine them developing into something rather good.

More info on their myspace.

Seeping Into Cinemas - Shootout
Seeping Into Cinemas - Chipped Teeth


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