Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leftovers & Rejects - 15th to 21st November 2007

Oops, sorry I forgot to post this on sunday and was busy last night at Les Savy Fav's tremendously hectic Scala show, featuring mucho stagediving, crowdsurfing, stage invading and crowdsurfing whilst stage invading. Oh my. Here are the dregs/one's that I didn't like quite enough to post about that popped through my letterbox last week...

Akron/Family - Love Is Simple (LP): Psych folk crew take too many happy pills, produce enjoyable new opus with all the joy of the Polyphonic Spree but none of the now insufferable inane idiocy. Not a classic record by any means, maybe a little too long, but another nice addition to their catalogue. See them live.

Ben's Brother - Carry On (single): What the fucking fucking fuck? This is the proof of man's inhumanity to man. Couldn't make it past one minute.

Mystechs - Hot Tub O' Blood & Escape From Planet Love (LPs): Oh dear. Very very cheap 80s Megadeth/'Tallica covers with comedy lyrics, which when you listen to them aren't always that stupid, but are presented in such a zany 90s Primus/Tenacious D style way that they feel just as cheap and tacky as the music itself (and the cover art, which i've decided to reproduce here). Now if you had the choice of this cover or no cover, what would you choose? I rest my case.

Soft Hearted Scientists - Take Time To Wonder In A Whirling World (LP): Super furry animals-like acoustic psych/folk/pop. Some decent tunes, but i'm not getting enough lyrical or musical depth from it really (damn my pretension). Hints of XTC-ish pastoral pop, but not enough to make me come back for more.

Space March - Without This You Can Never Change (LP): One man synthpop revivalist apes New Order's most boring moments, intones uninterestingly over the top, achieves very little.

KT Tunstall - Saving My Face (single): I can't remember a single thing about this, and it finished 1 second ago. And I listened to it twice. They're making a film of her life you know...


Blogger daniel! said...

photoshop should be banned.

11:16 pm, October 23, 2007  
Blogger Samir said...

that softhearted scientists record is pretty good - i listened to it a fair bit over at work the summer because it's so unintrusive. the lyrics bug me the most about it - has a tendency to fall into a very "WE'RE FOR STONERS" vibe. it's certainly not as offensive as that other artwork you posted. handsome!

1:19 pm, October 24, 2007  

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