Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Black Flag - Jealous Again EP

A long tiring day today; thus I thought i'd give you something old and comforting. This was the first 12" single I ever purchased (not when it was released obviously, I just have to thank SST for keeping their vinyl in print). Its 6 and a half minutes of hardcore genius. At his point (1980) the band were fronted by Chavo Pederast (aka Ron Reyes), who replaced Keith Morris for this EP only, which was Black Flag's second release and SST's third ever release. Ron Reyes is now a Born Again Christian living in Vancouver. Enjoy!

Black Flag - 01 Jealous Again
Black Flag - 02 Revenge
Black Flag - 03 White Minority
Black Flag - 04 No Values
Black Flag - 05 You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You


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