Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friends Of The Bride - So, You Think You Can Dance?

Damn this is good. I did a report on Friends Of The Bride's second single a few months back (which was great), but this new one is perhaps even better. I realised today who they actually remind me of the most, which is The Smoking Popes, particularly their fantastic 1994 record Born To Quit, which featured a mix of punk, swing and ratpack styling so great that Morrissey championed them for a while. FOTB have a bit of the same thing going on (minus the punk influence), taking the snappier, cooler elements of swing and croon, mixing them with dashes of Modish sixties beat and yet making it all seem strikingly new. Dance is very representative of their sound and hopefully it'll get their name out there some more. It's clever, it has attitude without being smarmy, it's catchy, succinct and thankfully doesn't sound like much else thats around right now. The bside to this single, I've Had My Moments (which you can hear on their myspace) is maaaybe even better than the Aside to my ears. It's out on 7"/download on the Young And Lost Club label on the 19th November.

Friends Of The Bride - So, You Think You Can Dance


Anonymous the freedom goose said...

It is an interesting track but worryingly it reminds me of 80's scottish white soul boys Hue & Cry. The vocal delivery is also reminiscent of penthouse & pavement era Heaven 17. but it's encouraging to hear someone with the imagination to try something different unlike the majority of the current crop of guitar bands.

3:38 pm, October 28, 2007  
Blogger Pedro Morgado said...

With cigarettes, your life goes to ashes. :)

6:53 pm, October 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Extraordinarily good band this: dada, audacious and very good live, I saw them at that Oxjam thing a couple of weeks back: the myspace stuff is slick, but live it's well raucous: nice to see some 'blue-eyed soul' and some wit, the friends I was with loved them too. Nice one Jamie, keep "championing" these excellent musics!
Peta x

2:30 pm, October 29, 2007  

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