Thursday, November 08, 2007

Damn Shames - Fear Of Assault

Damn Shames (no 'The', fyi) are a three piece from Edinburgh producing a convincing blend of post-Liars teenage post-punk/funk. Now you could argue of course that we already have a Liars, and we already have our fair share of post-punk and punkfunk revivalists about, but then on the other hand people might argue that you can never get too much of a good thing. It's not all great, sometimes sounding a bit too Klaxony, but elsewhere there's some nice dashes of individuality. The mix is acerbic and snappy, and it's amateurish enough to be endearing. They're also all only about 19, so some room for growth there. The second track reminds me a little of Teardrop Explodes, which is always good. They've got a 7" available from their myspace, and I think the songs below might be another single coming out on the awfully named Abeano branch of XL pretty soon. See what you think.

Damn Shames - Fear Of Assault
Damn Shames - Last Things


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