Monday, November 12, 2007

Songs about Giant Isopods - Join The Fight!

One man band wunderkind Pagan Wanderer Lu, who've i've featured here a couple of times now, is heading a new project to highlight the plight of the Bathynomus, or Giant Isopod. This once so little known creature has become something of an online and real life celebrity in recent months, and PWL hopes to bring it's unique beauty and love for Doritos to a wider audience through a new tribute cd. So far it's set to feature such giants as Pagan Wanderer Lu himself, Team Brick, Paul Hawkins, Pocus Whiteface, Hornby Pylons, MC CrabbyCrab, Christopher Alcxxk, Tracy is Hot & The Clap, Stealthtones, and far far more. Rumour/messageboard promises even suggest members of Los Campesinos may take part. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write and record a song celebrating this most wonderful of creatures. More info at myspace: CLICK IT!.


Blogger Kevin Z said...

I'm a deep sea biologist, musician and invert-a-blogger and would like to contribute to this phenomenal collection. Unfortunately, I don't do myspace so can't leave a message and cannot figure out how to get in contact with Pagan Wanderer Lu from the website. Could you forward my interest to him or tell me how to contact him otherwise?

7:36 pm, December 20, 2007  

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