Sunday, October 21, 2007

E (eels!) Rarities Tape Repost

Okay bit of a repost today. Early next January Eels will be releasing two pretty snazzy new packages; one a greatest hits with a music videos dvd, the other a 2cd rarities compilation with a live dvd. Now the hits is obviously pretty cool, but the rarities thing is really gonna be amazing for those fans (ie most of them) who haven't collected all the singles as they've come out. There are some absolutely essential and classic Eels songs on this cd, and along with Suede's Sci-Fi Lullabies it looks to be one of those rarities releases that actually beats some of the bands studio releases. And for those fans who DO have all the bside, it's also got 12 previously unreleased tracks. Aceness. So yeh there's more details on that on the Eels site, but my post today goes some to help you Eels fans get EVEN MORE. Because, sadly, the rarities compilation isn't quiiiite complete, there's still a lot of excellent stuff to find. One of my favourite ever items is an old tape that I first heard through the tape trading circuit in the late 90s, and which compiles the vast majority of pre-Eels E solo studio rarities along with demos, studio outtakes and radio appearances. It's quite, quite wonderful.

Update: some of the links weren't working; that's fixed. Also, to the person that asked, that's definitely E doing harmonies on the cover of Sorry Suzanne.

E - 01 Intro (KFOG 104.5)
E - 02 Angel (Madonna cover)
E - 03 Shine It All On (KFOG 104.5)
E - 04 Broken Toy Shop Radio Ad
E - 05 Live chatter, Tim
E - 06 Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas (live)
E - 07 Live Nonsense 1 (live Salt Lake City)
E - 08 The Only Thing I Cared About (live)
E - 09 A Man Called E Intro (live Salt Lake City)
E - 10 Ooh Child (Five Stairsteps cover)
E - 11 Live Nonsense 2 (live Salt Lake City)
E - 12 Manchester Girl (live)
E - 13 Butch Fucking Up (outtake)
E - 14 Mrs Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter (Herman's Hermits cover)
E - 15 Woah There's A Mouse (outtake)
E - 16 I'm Only Sleeping (live)
E - 17 I've Been Kicked Around (outtake)
E - 18 Nowheresville (outtake 1)
E - 19 Nowheresville (outtake 2)
E - 20 Nowheresville (outtake 3)
E - 21 Nowheresville (acoustic)
E - 22 Screw-up (outtake)
E - 23 Sweet Home Alabama (live)
E - 24 Freebird & Strawberry Fields Forever (live)
E - 25 The Great Pretender
E - 26 Strawberry Blonde
E - 27 Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
E - 28 Jeniffer Eccles (Hollies cover)
E - 29 Sorry Suzanne (Hollies cover with Jon Brion)
E - 30 Friends (Elton John cover)


Blogger Morgenstern said...

Oh, nice. I don't think I ever heard that Jon Brion cover of Sorry Suzanne. But are you sure it's E singing on that? I'm not sure if this really qualifies as an E/Eels song , , ,

10:47 pm, October 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The links for tracks 7, 11, 18, 19 and 20 are dead. Could you fix them please? Thanks :D

11:32 pm, October 21, 2007  
Anonymous Alastair said...

Wow, what a feast for us Eels fans - thanks :)

3:16 pm, October 22, 2007  

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