Friday, September 15, 2006

MP3: Mercury Rev - Peel Session 2001

As promised, here's my second Peel Session for the day, this time from Mercury Rev. The session was recorded on the 11th October 2001 and broadcast on the 15th November that same year. It was the band's last session for Peel (of 5). Four of the songs are from their fifth album, All Is Dream, which was released on September 11th 2001. Planet Caravan is a Black Sabbath song, Gymnopedie 3 is by Erik Satie. That's all for now, hope everyone reading has a good weekend!

Mercury Rev - 01 Tides Of The Moon (Peel session)
Mercury Rev - 02 Little Rhymes (Peel session)
Mercury Rev - 03 Spiders & Flies (Peel session)
Mercury Rev - 04 Planet Caravan (Peel session)
Mercury Rev - 05 Gymnopedie 3 (Peel session)
Mercury Rev - 06 Hercules (Peel session)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:30 pm, January 29, 2007  

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