Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MP3: Bill Fay - Time Of The Last Persecution

You know when you hear a new singer/songwriter, particularly from another era, someone quite unknown, and they open up a whole new world for you, a worldview thats very personal to them and that you feel priviledged to be allowed into? Nick Drake would be one. Judee Sill another. In the last year the most recent of these for me has been Bill Fay.

Fay recorded two albums for the Deram label between 1967 and 1971. The second was Time Of The Last Persecution, a classic of dreamy, nightmarish visions that was so quickly forgotten that perhaps the only comparable figure in British pop history would be Vashti Bunyan. Neither of Fay's records sold and he was soon dropped from his record label. After many years without releasing anything, a renewel in interest from other artists led to the release of a number of old demo's on 2004's From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock, and a new album, 2005's Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow.

His music is frightening, beautiful and extremely unique. Here are a few songs for you to check out. More info on Bill Fay can be found here.

Bill Fay - Don't Let My Marigolds Die
Bill Fay - 'Til The Christ Come Back
Bill Fay - Pictures Of Adolf Again


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