Sunday, November 05, 2006

MP3 - earthtone 9 - arc'tan'gent

earthtone 9 hailed from Nottingham, and released four full length albums between 1998 and 2000, before splitting due to a lack of success/development a year later. One of the best British metal bands of the last 10 years, they were unfairly treated by a Limp Bizkit loving metal populace, and so despite fantastic reviews were never allowed the attention they so deserved. I thought I would put up a few tracks from their last album, and my favourite, 2000's arc'tan'gent. I listened to it for the first time in ages yesterday and was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how little it had aged. earthtone9 really outshone most of their peers and it was a shame that they didn't get any of the success (or even a non-British record deal) that bands like the Lost Prophets eventually did. Anyway, if you like the songs you should really seek out the album, because in future years its sure to become a minor cult classic.

You can get more info on the band and their other releases at wikipedia, their old official site or at this good old fansite.

Also make sure you check back later today for some rather lovely Eels rarities.

earthtone9 - Star Damage For Beginners
earthtone9 - Evil Crawling I
earthtone9 - Binary101


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