Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MP3: Teri Falini - The Room

Okay! Sorry about the lack of updates for a day or two there, but I was finally sorting out my new web hosting and had to wait for the webspace to be ready. Now its sorted, as you can read below I now have a nice new domain name, and I also have lots of new webspace to keep you updated every single day with lots of good stuff.

I recieved the latest record from Teri Falini, The Room quite a while ago now, so my apologies to them for not getting around to listening to it sooner. Although i've heard better female fronted bands recently (Forget Cassettes being the most notable), there's something about a number of the songs on this record that just keep drawing me back to it. It's not a record i'm in love with, but it's certainly intriguing and i'll look forward to hearing what this band can do next.

The band are a four piece from San Francisco that formed in 2004, and they're currently signed to National Recorder. You can get more info on them at their official site or at their myspace. Hope you like the songs.

Teri Falini - Cambridge Home
Teri Falini - Undressed
Teri Falini - My Father


Blogger people are leaving said...

Those MP3's sound good, especially that last track, 'My Father'. I may need to go track down an advance.

7:53 pm, November 04, 2006  

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