Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Artist Alert: Kingsbury

Kingsbury hail from Orlando, Florida. But they don't sound sunny, or Californian. Oh no. Not at all. As you might be able to tell from the song titles on their debut LP The Great Compromise (Corpse, Buried Beneath The Trees, All This Dead Space), they're a far more depressive and intense affair. So far they've played shows with bands like Stellastar, Holopaw and One Line Drawing, and to my ears their LP shows a hell of a lot of potential. Good points of comparison would be Red House Painters, Low, The Bad Seeds, and maybe hints of more melodic post-rock (think Red Medicine-era Fugazi). It's tremendous stuff. You can get more info on Kingsbury at their official site, their myspazz or the Post Records website. Enjoy.

Kingsbury - The Great Compromise
Kingsbury - Blood In The Kitchen
Kingsbury - Before Dry Eyes


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