Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Peel Session: Bardo Pond (2004)

This session from Bardo Pond is wonderful. Wonderful and beautiful and transcendent and more lovely than i've ever heard them before. I REALLY need to buy some more of their records, and so do you. Golly gosh.

It was recorded on the 25th March 2004, and was the bands third and final session (of three) for Peel. All three of these tunes can be found on last year's splendid Ticket Crystals record. Lack of time tonight, so i'll just tell you to download and enjoy. More info on Bardo Pond at their very nice official site, their myspazz or at Matador Records.

Bardo Pond - 01 Destroying Angel (Peel session)
Bardo Pond - 02 The Word (Peel session)
Bardo Pond - 03 Isle (Peel session)


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