Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rock Action: Cable - Live At Brixton Prison EP (1997)

A nice blast from the past tonight for all the Brit-rock fans out there. Cable formed in the early 90s in Derby, although their debut single Hydra wasn't released until 1994. After a few more singles, the mini album Downlift The Uptrodden came out in 1996, and was soon followed by the full lengths When Animals Attack in '97 and Sub-Lingual in '99. Although they achieved some semi-fame when the single Freeze The Atlantic was used on a Sprite advert, fame was never to be Cable's forte, and sadly the band were forced to split in late 1999 in light of a lawsuit with their manager Brian Hallin.

Cable are still fondly remembered by a generation of British teenagers with taste, and so tonight I thought i'd celebrate them by providing you with downloads of 1997's Live At Brixton Prison EP, in which the erstwhile rockers attempted to re-capture some of the mood of Johnny Cash's legendary prison recordings in the most unhip of places. Enjoy.

Cable - 01 Ultra Violet (live)
Cable - 02 Blue Birds Are Blue (live)
Cable - 03 Ring Of Fire (live)
Cable - 04 Seventy (live)
Cable - 05 San Quentin (live)
Cable - 06 Oubliette (live)


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