Monday, April 09, 2007

Suede - Live at Newcastle Riverside 1992

For about two and a half albums (plus a double album worth of bsides), Suede were one of the most interesting and exciting rock bands in Britain. Not only did they release a string of too-catchy-for-words singles, but in the overblown yet tremendous Dog Man Star they release one of the defining albums of the Britpop era. Soon afterwards of course they descended into a repetitive and cliched joke of a band, both lyrically and musically, and sadly there was still nothing exciting when Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson reunited for The Tears project. Brett Anderson's recent album is even worse, and it's a real shame that the bands early reputation is being stained further with every Anderson-related release!

To tip the balance back the other way slightly I thought i'd post part of a live show from one of their early shows. These files are dated as being recorded on the 28th May 1992 at Newcastle Riverside. Enjoy.

Suede - 01 Animal Lover (live)
Suede - 02 Moving (live)
Suede - 03 Metal Mickey (live)
Suede - 04 Pantomime Horse (live)
Suede - 05 The Drowners (live)
Suede - 06 Sleeping Pills (live)
Suede - 07 To The Birds (live)


Anonymous Richie said...

Thankyou very much for this - I have this on tape at home!

3:05 pm, April 09, 2007  
Anonymous vu said...

man, i have so many of these on cassettes!

6:53 pm, April 09, 2007  
Blogger JC said...

That's a fine and accurate summary of Suede. The first few singles and b-sides were quite stunning.

8:11 pm, April 09, 2007  
Blogger Marko said...

Haven't heard this one before. Thanks a lot. Is there a 2nd part of it

8:27 pm, April 09, 2007  
Blogger Asdf said...

Thanks for the Suede update, they're one of my favorite. But I would disagree that the Tears is nothing exciting... It sounds a bit out-dated, but it's actually pretty good and it sounds like a follow-up to the album "Coming Up", and that's good enough for me. But hearing how mediocre the Brett Anderson's solo album was, you'd have to wonder how much of its contributions were Bernard Butler's...

8:36 pm, April 09, 2007  
Blogger Asdf said...

Oh, and there's no Brett's howling "Oh-ho-ho" at the end of "Metal Mickey". =( That was my favorite part of the live version of its song.

8:38 pm, April 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you

11:54 pm, April 09, 2007  
Anonymous Ido Schacham said...

Electrifying stuff, 10x! Their debut album is so amazing, it's such a shame they faded away so fast unlike their contemporaries Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, and Blur. Speaking of which, new Manics album coming out soon, any chance you'll be reviewing it as an addition to the Manics project?

10:24 am, April 10, 2007  
Blogger Mike said...

ah, fond memories of The Riverside - possibly my favourite live venue around '87-'89 ish. Saw Primal Scream there and The Telescopes gawd knows how many times...

9:31 pm, April 10, 2007  

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