Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Stuff Alert! Blood Red Shoes + An Emergency + Adam Gnade + Strange Death Of Liberal England

Okay well as for the last few days i've been putting up a lot of old stuff, I thought tonight i'd give you some newer stuff to chew over. Five songs in total from four relatively new acts, one each from three bands and then two songs from my favourite of the five (that didn't sound as complicated in my mind as it did written down. Some of you Britishers will have probably heard of a few of them, but for everyone else I expect they're pretty much unknown. And yes I know i've been incredibly slow with a few of these, but this is what i've been listening to tonight and so it's what you'll get (and you'll like it).

Adam Gnade hails from San Diego, and writes a mixture of post-rock influenced americana featuring talking-blues styled, mostly spoken-word vocals. So far he has released a number of rather hard to find LPs, EPs and singles, but now that has been signed to Drowned In Sound Recordings, things should start to become a lot easier to find. 2007 will see the release of a collaboration with Oxford's excellent Youthmovies, as well as a collaborative tour with the same band throughout the UK this July. More info on Gnade's homepage or myspace.

Adam Gnade - Cousin Be Strong

Blood Red Shoes are an extremely loud male/female 2 piece from Brighton who have been touring and recording for around 2 years now. To date they've played around 130 live shows and released four 7" singles (the latest again on Drowned In Sound Records), and have built up quite an impressive live following. Buy music and other goodies at their website.

Blood Red Shoes - ADHD

The Strange Death of Liberal England are an absolutely sublime post-rock band (reminiscent to me of Oxford's much missed Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia) that may be the best thing to come out of Portsmouth...ever. They've been touring around the south coast for what seems like an age now, but thankfully they've signed a deal with Fantastic Plastic and are due to release their debut single this coming Monday as a 1000 copy 7" vinyl. You can pre-order it through their website, or hear more music at their myspace. They are VERY highly recommended.

The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Motor In The Sky, Oil On The City
The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Mozart On 33

An Emergency play a mixture of hi-velocity rock action and nicely thought-out spazzy math rock that reminds me a little of Shellac, a little of Les Savy Fav, and a little of my beloved Braid. I saw them play a rather stunning show in London last month and i've been listening to them quite a bit since then. They're a three piece from Devon and so far they've released two very underrated LPs, one in 2004 on Freakscene and the other last year on Captains Of Industry. Both are lovely, and i'd really recommend you check out one of the numerous gigs they're playing in the next few months. Top stuff! Their official site, featuring those tour dates, is here.

An Emergency - Kevin Bacon


Blogger Honest Abe said...

Hugely impressed by The Strange Death Of Liberal England. Thanks for the introduction to them.

8:24 am, March 31, 2007  
Anonymous lyle said...

An emergency are fucking ace.
BRS are fun.
Not convinced by Gnade or Strange death...

8:45 pm, April 04, 2007  
Anonymous zac said...

Adam Gnade consistently amazes.

8:09 am, April 08, 2007  
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